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CM Lodestar

Applied is a master distributor of the CM Entertainment Lodestar chain motor. Our CM Lodestar chain motors come with a cut to length load chain and are wired to the clients’ specifications. The Lodestar can be wired to run on 110v single phase or 208v three phase power and is supplied with either a 7-pin or dual twist-lock connector. Applied can also offer custom Lodestar motors in the range of ¼-ton to 3-ton at 8 to 64 FPM, as well as single motor or dual motor road cases.

The CM Lodestar chain motor comes in standard load limits of either ½-ton or 1-ton, with ¼-ton to 3-ton options. All Lodestar chain motors feature adjustable limit switches, overload protection, a lightweight housing, multiple disc motor brake, H4 duty rated for heavy-duty applications and a lifetime warranty.

When a CM Lodestar is purchased, Applied will include carry handles, a heavy-duty chain bag, and cable pick ring. Applied is a CM certified service center and has a fully stocked CM motor parts department to offer a complete package for the lifetime of the motor.

For more information on the CM Entertainment Lodestar Chain Motor, click here.


  • ¼ to 3-ton capacity
  • Available in D8, D8+ and BGV-C1 Series models
  • Adjustable limit switches
  • Cut to length zinc plated or black phosphate load chain
  • Overload protection
  • Lightweight cast aluminum housing
  • Finger safe, easy access control panel
  • H4 duty rated with 5:1 design ratio
  • Multiple disc motor brake
  • 110v single phase or 208v three phase wiring
  • Multipin or dual twist-lock connectors
  • Lifetime warranty

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