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Power Cables

Applied offers a range of both power and data cables. For convenient one-stop shopping, Applied can supply custom cable and connector packages to complete your chain motor, power distribution or lighting package. All of the Applied power cables are made and assembled in the USA.

Feeder Cable

To transfer the power from the source to the power distribution or dimmers, feeder cable is necessary. Applied can build feeder cable, as well as feeder tails, from #2 to 4/0 (100amp to 400amp). All feeder is constructed will Cam connectors and have a heavy-duty jacket. Applied can also supply cam tapping tees and cam turnarounds.

19-Pin Multicable

Multicable allows for 6 x 20amp circuits to be housed in a single run of cable. Get power from the power distribution box, or dimmer, to the lighting hang positions in the most efficient way possible. Applied will build custom length multicable to your specifications. Applied also can provide multicable fan-ins and fan-outs to your specifications. All multicable and fan-ins/outs are built with threaded 19-pin connectors for secure contact. The multicable fan-ins and fan-outs can be built with a range of different input and output connectors.

7-pin Motor Power Cable

Applied can provide complete cable packages for chain motor systems. Power cables for chain motors are available in 7-pin, dual twist-lock or 1/4 turn options. Along with custom adapters for any connector combination, Applied can build your power and control cable package to get your rig flying. Call the Applied team to discuss your motor power and control needs.

L21-30 30amp Three Phase Cable

This 30amp three-phase 120/208v cable is commonly used as power feeder for motor controllers. The L21-30 twist-lock cable is also designed to be the breakout cable for the Applied Sled Box power distribution system. Applied uses connectors with an integral dust shield that protects the wiring from dust and other production elements.

Edison, Stage Pin and PowerCON

Applied can also provide a myriad of other types of power cables for your production rig. Stage pin, Edison, Power-Con and other connectors are available. Please contact the Applied electronics team to further discuss your power cable needs.

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