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Motor Accessories

Applied can supply you with a variety of chain motor accessories ranging from road cases to Pocket Pickles and everything in between. Standard stock equipment, and specialty custom items, Applied has everything you need to transport and operate your chain motors safely and efficiently.

Road Cases

Standard or custom designed road cases for motors, rigging hardware, cable and production supplies can be ordered from Applied. Flylite brand motor cases are constructed with a Pozi-Lite substrate making them 30% lighter than conventional 1/2" plywood laminated with ABS. Cases come complete with heavy duty 4” 600lb polyurethane casters and PE foam suspension systems that protect the motors from road vibration. CM Lodestar 1/2-ton and 1-ton cases are available in single or dual motor style. CM Prostar 1/4-ton cases are available in dual or quad motor style. The dual 1/2-ton and 1-ton cases have separate chain compartments.

Motor Cable

Applied offers complete cable packages to accompany any chain motor system. Motor feeder, motor power cable and pickle extension are all available for purchase from Applied. Power and control cables for chain motors are available with 7-pin soco or dual twist-lock connectors. Applied can also supply custom adapters for any connector combination.

Motor Pickles

We offer several different options of chain motor control pickles. The CM Motor Pickle is used to operate the up/down functions of a single motor. These pickles have either an L14-20 style connector or bare-wire tail, with pickle extension cable available for purchase separately. The Applied Pocket Pickle is used to operate the up/down functions from a single switch. The Pocket Pickle is available with an L14-20 connector. It is compact, fits in the palm of your hand and has a belt clip included. This is a tool that should be in every riggers toolbox.

Chain Bags and Rain Covers

Heavy duty, fabric chain bags are available to purchase from Applied. These chain bags will hold your custom chain length, and feature dual clips to securely attach the bag to the mounting bracket. Applied stocks small, medium and large chain bags. The style and size of the chain bag is determined by chain motor model and length of chain. Applied also stocks rain covers for small and large frame Lodestar chain motors. Rain covers help protect your investment form rain and sun damage in outdoor applications. The covers wrap around the hoist and secure in place with industrial velcro. When hung in the 'motor up' orientation the rain cover allows for full functionality.

CM Replacement Parts and Service

Applied is proud to be a CM Certified Level 2 Service and Support Facility with an industry specific service department for all motor parts, repairs and inspections. Applied stocks parts for all models of CM Prostar and CM Lodestar chain motors. With Level 2 certified technicians and genuine CM chain motor parts, Applied can handle any type of inspection, maintenance or repair that your chain motors require.

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